Let’s Get Started

If you would like to learn more about Small Business Analytics, please contact us for a free, no obligation Needs Assessment.  We will discuss the nature of your organization and its operations, find out about your high level goals, and learn a little about the data at your disposal.  We can accomplish this first step over the phone in about 30 minutes.

Once we determine that an engagement would be mutually beneficial, we will schedule a meeting to work out the details.  At this point we will develop specific goals, dig into the details of your organization’s operations, and identify all sources of data for the project.  We will layout a timeline for the project and establish a relationship with the key players.  Finally, we will define a process by which Small Business Analytics can gain access to your data.  This meeting (either onsite or remote) will vary in length depending upon the goals of the project and complexity of your organization.

Following this meeting, Small Business Analytics will carry out the analytical work remotely.  We will submit our findings to the client according to the agreed upon timeline and will always include actionable items to ensure the results of our analysis can be put into action.

Ready to get started? We are! Contact us today!