Big Data for Small Businesses

Information = Opportunity

They say knowledge is power, and we couldn’t agree more. The more you know about your enterprise, your competitors and your marketplace, the more likely you are to make smart business decisions and improve your bottom line.

Wouldn’t you love to know:

  • Which customers are most likely to purchase your newest product based upon their buying history?
  • Which customers are most likely to cancel their membership or subscription to your service?
  • Which credit customers are most likely to default?
  • Which prospective donors are most likely to contribute to your organization?
  • How long your customers have to wait for service at your facility?

Fortunately, we live in a world with an abundance of data. The amount and quality of information flowing through organizations is growing rapidly.  Your blue-chip competitors are using data every day, so why shouldn’t you?

Small- and mid-size businesses now can access a wealth of data and intelligence—and learn to use it—with the help of Small Business Analytics, LLC. Our services allow your team to benefit from experienced, analytical support without the need to invest in additional staff, training or specialized software.

What you get from our firm is honest, simple answers. . We believe in distilling complex ideas down to their most usable, understandable form—and we’ll keep it that way throughout the life of our work with you.

We’ll bring the software, tools and support to you. We’ll also bring expert knowledge and experience to each project, dramatically reducing your learning curve and allowing you to more quickly achieve returns on your investment.

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