Ready for results?

Small Business Analytics, LLC offers a customized blend of support, designed to seamlessly supplement your organization’s existing strengths and opportunities. We can support you in all the ways that matter most, from operations and finance to customer service and marketing.

We’ll work with your team to determine which of the following services you need and how we can make them happen. We can:

Arm you with the business intelligence necessary to get ahead

With our access to Big Data tools and analytical instruments, we can help you ask the right questions and get the specific answers you need to support good decisions. With the right information, you can strengthen all aspects of your operation—from high-level decision making to the front lines of customer service.

Help map and plan your organizational goals, strategies and decision points

We’ll help your team figure out the “lay of the land” and determine which organizational decisions need to be made, what information is needed to make them, and how to move your enterprise forward.

Support specific projects and initiatives with planning, management, evaluation and analytical support

To coin a phrase, individual projects are most successful when team members begin with the end in mind. We can help you know what the end should look like, then support your team in back-mapping, measuring and evaluating results. We are comfortable working as either an independent evaluator or as an ongoing partner for all project activities.

Work to help your team become proficient users of today’s business intelligence tools and strategies

We love to teach, and it shows. Our team is happy to provide hands-on instruction in data collection, analysis and presentation, so you and your staff can take over this work yourselves.

Provide independent project management and consulting services

Our deep familiarity with today’s business intelligence tools makes it easy for us to take your project and turn it around quickly ourselves. Our accuracy and thoroughness, coupled with our affordability and speed, makes us a natural partner when you “just want to get it done.”

Offer policy analysis and public sector consulting services

Sometimes the biggest changes come from outside your organization. We can help you assess the financial and market impact of new state and federal policies and other external factors, as needed.

Offer communication and reporting functions as needed

We’re happy to help you talk to your stakeholders about what your business intelligence is showing. We can also help you manage internal resistance to change.